Applied Sciences

Science at St. Conleth’s is not of the Professor Frink, hilariously impractical type: in our classrooms and laboratory we practise practical science.  There are no better examples of this than the two special guests who wound up a scintillating Science Week for us:

Maria Santos Madeira from Trinity College was back in with more spectacular science experiments, a follow-on from Monday’s Sports Hall spectacular, just this time in the more intimate surrounds of the Science Lab with the individual classes.  And in the Conference Room we had the Dental Den with dentists and dental hygienists giving Fifth Form advice for their upcoming Young Scientists project based on dental hygiene. Every class got a chance to call in and receive a new toothbrush as well as advice on how to brush correctly. The students were amazed at  how much sugar is packed in to one bottle of Coke or one pack of Haribo. Is this the end of the tuck shop as we know it?  Mr. Kelleher was pictured unpacking crates of carrot and celery sticks, and the usual enthusiasm shown by his student helpers when a shipment arrives from Musgrave’s was noticeably lacking!

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