Another H&H Holiday Hit!

Hartnett & Howe are St. Conleth’s Gilbert & Sullivan, Rodgers & Hammerstein and Lennon & McCartney rolled up in one dynamic partnership. These seasoned (but still incredibly fresh-faced) veterans of song and stage, Emer Hartnett and Pat Howe, were not going to let you-know-what ruin a proud St. Conleth’s tradition: the Junior School Christmas Extravaganza! Yes, the big how-down with all the kids, the parents and the postman in the hall was out, but where there is a will, there is a way. H&H (trademark pending) simply found new stages for their creation collaborations: they commandeered St. Mary’s Home, the parish church, the front garden… and our hearts! Each class performed a Christmas-themed play, a candle-lit carol service and a raucous, rockin’ wrap-up in the playground. The end result was incredible, thanks to our two titans of song-and dance, but also the incredible efforts of House Manager Simon Rowe and his team of Transition Year tech gremlins: Charlotte McClaren, Eddie Farr, Jennifer Roche, Caoimhe Moore and The Sherlock. These kids, fuelled only by virgin eggnog and enthusiasm, enabled the shows to be brought to you in Technicolour and THX, as you can see and hear below!

Second Class

Third Class

Fourth Class

Fifth Class

Sixth Class