Année de transition: l’après-midi de desserts!

Why do French people eat snails?  Because they hate fast food.  When was the last French BBQ?  1431 and it was actually organised by the English… Ah, yes these chestnuts barely convey a soupçon of the French national obsession with quality food.  (No, Mr. Porzadny, I have no real chestnuts for you.) Mr. Porzadny and Ms. Crowley, resident français professeurs and cuisiniers amateurs, are no exceptions, and they have tried mightily to inculcate a love of good food as well as good grammar and vocabulary amongst their students.  Last week, it was a casual but culinarily challenging dejeuner, and as you can see from our slider, the craic was mighty. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

[metaslider id=1071]