An Fear é Féin: Irish LC Students Welcome Special Guest

When studying and analysing texts in English, Classics or any of the more imaginative subjects, students and teachers are often left wondering if their interpretations actually gel with authorial intention.  We are left to our own devices (and perhaps a dubious visit to Studyclix) and we never really learn how close (or far off) were our musings.  Well,  when Mr. Ahern’s LC Honours Irish class wanted to know what the author really meant… they simply needed to raise their hands and ask!   Ré Ó Laighleis, author of Gafa which is on the Irish Leaving Certificate course, spoke to the class for two hours about the genesis of the book and also about the importance of the Irish language as part of our DNA.  He gave a dynamic presentation, mixing personal stories with cultural lessons and engaging the students in a manner which put paid to the cynical belief that Irish can not be current and compelling.  A true seanchaí!

Ré Ó Laighleis, author of "Gafa", with the LC Honours Irish Class