Dear fellow Conlethians,

Most of us can look back to our schooldays with pride and satisfaction, knowing that the education and training received in our formative years in St. Conleth’s contributed to our successes that followed in later years. The Union allows for a continuation of these days, giving an opportunity through social activities to share old stories and also to act as a link to one’s childhood.

The Past Pupils’ Union’s main social event of the year is the highly popular Annual Dinner held in the school which regularly has over 200 Past Pupils attending ranging from the most recent past pupils and those from milestone years, such as those who graduated some five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty and thirty-years previous, up to and including the school’s first students.

The Annual Dinner takes place on the last Friday of February or first of March depending on which weekend the 6 Nations is not taking place.

The Past Pupils’ Union runs a very active Facebook Account (St Conleth’s Ppu) where we are connected to almost 1,300 Past Pupils: here nostalgia, school updates and Past Pupils’ Union activities are announced regularly for all to be aware of. Even if you do not have an account, do sign up so you can view all posts about St. Conleth’s and keep up to date with events and competitions that the school is involved in. We are also on Twitter (StConlethsPPU), and have a St.Conleth’s College Network on LinkedIn: please join both of these also so you can keep in touch with the Past Pupils’ Union. In addition, if you are in the vicinity of St. Conleth’s do drop in and say hello: have a look at the old school and view the new developments that have taken place since you graduated. We will be hosting a golf outing in the spring and a business lunch in the autumn. So please keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for further details or to register your interest.

If you have any suggestions or would like to know more about the Union please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stconlethsppu.com

Hope to see you at the next Past Pupils Dinner!

Donal Milmo-Penny
President Past Pupils Union