St. Conleth’s College TOWARDS 100

‘Chalk and talk’ is simply no longer enough and must be updated and upgraded. Quality education adjusts with the changing world and St. Conleth’s has always kept up with the times, holding on to the best of the past and melding it with modern facilities. 

In education, the future is always now, and we as a school must continue to re-imagine, improve and adapt our facilities to create learning spaces that suit the new curricula and, even more importantly, the changing demands of the ‘real world’ beyond our cosy, warmly painted walls. 

We believe we already have the necessary innovative people and will continue to attract more: it is the ‘place’ that needs to continue to grow to meet this demand.

First Phase: The Coach House Development

The heart (and engine) of our new extension will be a STEAM Facility. Our laboratory of yore was small but mighty and it spawned enough big bang theorists to fill the university staffs of several continents. More recently, the revamped lab has inspired Young Scientist and SkyFest Champions. Imagine what our lab-coated and safety-goggled boy and girl stemmers will come up with next? The extension will have state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and accompanying preparation and lecture rooms. The adjacent Technology Creativity Hub will accommodate those of inventive and collaborative tendencies.

Our extension will include larger classrooms which will be more adaptable and agile: true Learning Spaces, adjustable to the task at hand, whether it be individual, collaborative or group learning. Natural light will bathe our creators and their creations in our new Art Room and the view will be inspiring. Technology will play its part as research and presentation skills become more important to every discipline. This facility will be named the Michael Manning Centre for Science and Mathematics. Mr. Manning was a legendary teacher at St. Conleth’s who educated a generation of world-renowned mathematicians and physicists.

Many will remember fondly the hotly, and humorously, contested debates of yesterday. This great Conlethian tradition of rhetorical success (and excess) will have a new home and points of information, order and hilarity will be resounding off the paneled walls of our new Auditorium and Debating Chamber. This facility will be named after Patricia Kelleher, who oversaw the constant improvement of St. Conleth’s College for nearly seventy years. 

And when all that speechifying gets to be just too much, students and teachers may retreat into a purpose-built Sacred Space, where Prayer, Mindfulness and Wellbeing emanate inwards and outwards. Mr. Kelleher would have made a few jokes at such a proposal a few years ago, but our esteemed late headmaster was no better man to realise that a school must change with the times.

How We Will Do It?

Since 2002, St. Conleth’s has been able to continually invest in improvements in the school’s infrastructure, thanks to the generous contributions of parents and past pupils. Education is changing more rapidly than at any time in the last century. As St. Conleth’s moves towards its centenary we wish to adapt our facilities to meet these changes. 

From the very start of our major developments we have always had the choice to fund improvements through fee increases or by asking every Conlethian family to contribute tax efficiently. We prefer to continue fundraising as we have done so far, through voluntary tax efficient contributions. A fee increase of €1200 costs the family €1200 per year and yields the same amount for the school to invest in improvements. However, a voluntary contribution of €100 per month as a tax efficient donation yields €1739 for school improvements.

What We Need You To Do

We would ask every St. Conleth’s family — past, present and future! — to consider if they would be able to contribute and how much they could afford. If every family contributes €100 per month we will be able to complete paying for our most recent improvements and move rapidly on to the next phase. If some families can contribute more, that will speed up further improvements. If you are in a position to do so, we would ask you to download, review and complete the letter of intent and return it to the Development Office at St. Conleth’s, with the completed banker’s order, as soon as possible.