A Valuable Legacy

The world has changed a lot since Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov left us thirteen years ago; and, lately, not for the better, as disease and division dominate the headlines and resentment and suspicion seem to be the driving global forces. But Thomas, ever the optimist and the eager communicator, would have found much good, too, in our world, from the youthful environmental movements to the global co-operation in response to challenges. It is in this, latter, spirit that St. Conleth’s College presents the Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov (Global) Award each year in memory of our former Junior School pupil.

Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov (Global) Award is an annual prize for the student in Sixth Form who, like Thomas himself, has best exemplified the inclusive ethos and values of St. Conleth’s and who has been an engaging, selfless and positive influence on their classmates throughout their time at the school. The winner of this award will have used their openness, imagination and lively sense of play to welcome and integrate their peers, especially those of different cultures, backgrounds and personalities, and will have promoted justice, diversity and equality amongst all students.

Mr. Kilcommons, Ms. Sheppard and Marie Stamp were proud to present the Covid-delayed 2020 edition of this award to current Conlethian First Year Alejandro Medina Santos, who has consistently shown the qualities and attitudes which exemplify this award and the type of person Thomas Tzvetkov was himself.

One of Thomas’s best friends was Oisin Herbots, a past Captain of the Senior School who played a major part in the creation of this award. The friendship between the Herbots and Marie Stamp continues to this day. Marie is a noted children’s author and member of the Fighting Words collective she recently engaged the youngest Herbots, Eimhinn, to narrate some of her illustrated stories. Enjoy Marie and Eimhinn’s performance below and remember, if you were lucky enough to know him, Thomas and the valuable legacy he has left us.