A-macing! Conleth’s Win UCD Schools Debate Again!

Yes, we used to be known as the ‘Barcelona’ of Schools Debating, but considering recent results in the Champions League, we may need a new metaphor for our outrageous dominance of both the domestic and international school debating scenes.  Conor White- debating coach, School Captain alumnus, ad astra member and hob-nobber with infamous, well-pensioned retired European bureaucrats- reports on our latest coup at the rostra:


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Following four rounds, the teams of Harry Mansfield and Tomás Clancy, and Seán and Simon Pettitt reached the final of the competition, with the brothers Pettitt speaking in 2nd Proposition and Harry and Tomás speaking in 2nd Opposition.  For the purpose of the debate, they were given the following details:

The United States has elected an autocratic leader as President. The following has occurred:

– Large scale imprisonment and executions

– The Constitution and the Courts have been suspended

– Diplomatic ties have been cut and the UN has been expelled from New York

– Heavy censorship of the media has been introduced

– They have declared themselves as Dictator for Life

The motion for the final was This House Believes that the International Community Should Invade the United States of America.  Tomás and Harry won the final, with Seán and Simon being declared the runners up.  This is the fourth year in a row of St. Conleth’s winning a senior cycle schools mace in UCD. In other debating news, Conor Power has progressed to the final of the Leinster Schools Debating Competition which will be held soon.