A Junior School Jumble!

Shhhh!  Seniors are sitting exams in the spanking-new Performance Hall (reviews of said performances to follow) but the Juniors are up to their usual jumble of assorted hi-jinks in their spankingly newly decorated school!  Next Wednesday, the annual Speech and Drama Exams will take place, an event that may fill the average youngster with palpitations but just whets the appetite of our little exuberant, extroverted, dinner-party speechifiers!  And in the meantime, there has been lots of learning fun: digital adventures both in the ICT Room and when the Laptop Trolley stops in the neighbourhood; a Thanksgiving feast (complete with creamed corn!) served up by Mark, Emerson and Anna; an investigation into human organs in 1st Form (not real ones!); a trip to see Manchester City (talk about hi-jinks!) and good old-fashioned story-time in the younger classes.  Stay-tuned for an update on Junior School Art!


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