A Farewell to Arms!

Sixth Years James Moriarty Smyth and Claudio Sosa Smatrala are bowing out in style, after thrilling us with their fencing exploits for years. Each leaves the field with head held high, having put many to the sword across a swathe of national and international tournaments and having led a fencing renaissance at St. Conleth’s. Both end the 2022 fencing season and their tenure at St Conleth’s ranked 
within the top 10 of their respective weapons: Claudio, First in Senior 
Men’s Foil and James, Eighth in Senior Men’s Sabre.  As one period draws 
to a close, so another begins: Claudio is now set to build upon his FIE 
Junior World success, while August sees James represent Northern Ireland 
at the Fencing Commonwealth in London. To the victors, go the spoils…