A Christmas Spectacular!

St. Conleth’s is having a bit of an identity crisis lately.  But in a good way.  We are certainly excellent at art (see below), but are we merely an ‘art’ school?  We are clearly the best debating school in Ireland (ibid), but shall we be typecast so? And now the SCT threatens to win the Cup… are we now to be seen in a similar way to the flexers and preeners of some of our near-neighbours?  Well, after enjoying another Christmas spectacular, we would have to say that our mighty Music Department twin titans, Ms. Fay and Ms. deBhal, have just once again reaffirmed St. Conleth’s as a ‘music’ school, too! Every year we close the year with a special afternoon carolling session-cum-concert, and every year it gets bigger and better.  Our Music teachers work hard with the choir, the centre-piece of all our performances, including a visit to St. Mary’s Home, but then there is also the enviable but exhausting task of trying to organise the flood of student talent which springs forth when the welcoming announcement is made.  True to St. Conleth’s inclusive ethos, everyone is encouraged, and Conlethians apparently do not need to be asked twice!  Billie Barry herself has heard less auditions then our dynamic duo.  What makes it all worthwhile is the obvious quality of the performers and the undeniable joy which is shared by each performer and the audience.  You can see (and read) all the details on your slider below.  Oh… and start practising for the Annual School Concert in Spring!

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