Fifth Form Take the Lead!

St. Conleth’s prides itself on its ‘coziness’ but, to be honest, sometimes things were a bit too cozy at 28 Clyde Road before our latest expansion.  Now, with the Kevin D. Kelleher Wing in full use, we have room to swing as many proverbial cats as we would like!  Just before Christmas, we enjoyed the Prep School’s Nativity Play in the new Performance Hall and, last Friday, Principal Kilcommons figured it would be the perfect space for a Junior School Assembly.  After Mr. Kilcommons gave his ‘state of the union’ address, Mr. Sheridan’s Fifth Form took the lead, beguiling all assembled with poetry readings in both English and French.  The students who took part were as talented as they were brave and now a very impressive precedent has been set for the other Forms to follow, as they too take a turn leading an assembly.  Stay tuned!


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