My Kid is on the Honor Roll

No, we are not quite yet American enough to adorn our car’s rear bumper with stickers declaring the beatification or president-electness of our children but we do subscribe to the wisdom of a more moderate American, Garrison Keillor, who always started his radio show A Prairie Home Companion with this observation about his hometown, Lake Wobegon: ‘Where all the women are strong and all the men are good-looking and all the children are above average.’ We, at St. Conleth’s, like to adjust that to ‘well above average’ and if you saw how many stellar student leaders and academics just missed the cut for the awards below, you certainly would agree. Our usual school-wide, fanfare-filled Annual Underclassmen Awards Ceremony was cancelled by the last desperate gasps of Mr. Covid but each Form Teacher managed to conduct their own subdued but dignified affair, acknowledging the first and success within each class. Without any further ado, here are the individual winners of the awards:

First Year Students of the Year and Academic Awards

Young Classicists Bronze Medal Winners

First Year Science and Castles

Second Year Students of the Year and Academic Awards

Third Year Students of the Year and Academic Awards

Third Year Art and Science

Fifth Year SOY and Academic

‘Young Classicists’ and ‘Classics Now!’ Silver Medallists

The Temple Bards