2’nd Years Hike Ahead in CSPE! (with new photos!)

Our 3rd Years recently completed their CSPE Action Project and though it was a smashing success, it is something that all schools do.  But St. Conleth’s CSPE Czar Ronan Bolger is not happy with just having his subject taught like it is art any other school, so this week he took 2nd Years on a pre-Action Project!  Yes, 2nd Years- those oft neglected middle children between the over-coddled 1st Years and the exam-oriented 3rd Years.  Well, Mr. Bolger and Mr. Maguire, quickly developing into our very own Bear Grylls, took the boys and girls of 2nd Year on the hike of their life in the Wicklow Mountains, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and turning it to a good cause- raising money for Dogs’ Trust.


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Along the way, Mr. Maguire thought it would be great to run a competition and asked the kids to bombard us with emailed photographs of the splendid scenery: you can see the impressive results below.  There were several stunning pics, but we believe the last one above, taken by Sophie Lee, is the deserved winner!


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