आप की यात्रा सुखद हो! Bon voyage!

Intrepid explorers Gav Maguire and Dolores Kelly have once again set out from St. Conleth’s and these shores for a far-flung foreign destination, leading a select group of students on an expedition which combines the best of adventure and development work.  This year, the programme is returning to India, where St. Conleth’s has already established a firm reputation for providing a helping hand to the local community, while also encouraging the visiting students to see sights and do things you simply can’t see or do between Foxrock Church and the Liffey! You have already read about last year’s journey here and here, and you can keep track of our current group’s progress here.  Best of luck to the whole gang and we look forward to seeing and hearing all about it!  Remember to check the school’s Twitter for updates.  Gav will surely keep tweeting even when submerged in the Ganges or hanging from the Himalayas!


The India Expedition 2016 Student Members Ready to Go!