Sammy Sings us into Summer!


Do you remember ‘Right Said Fred’?  Musical tastes change with the times, and sometimes quite quickly, especially at St. Conleth’s, …more

Pass that Baton!

Students get to guest conduct during the visit of the No. 1 Army Band!

Conlethian kids are many things… intelligent, athletic, creative, devilishly handsome, knowledgeable about LOTR and Star Wars trivia… all the important …more



Only in the Junior School Annual Internal Soccer League could you find a final pairing of Boca Juniors V Falkirk! …more

The Offensive Continues!


The Conleth’s fencing contingent has been in action again both domestically and abroad. Saturday 25th March saw James, Myles and …more

A Week in the Life…

Emilio wins the St. Conleth's Spelling Bee and makes the 4th Round of the Eason's Dublin Final!

… of St. Conleth’s.  The pupils and teachers of both the Junior and Senior Schools have us run ragged trying …more

Port Out, Starboard Home!


The luxurious setting for the Parents Associations Annual Social Event was the Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dún Laoghaire and the Conlethian …more

Barbarians at the Gate!


Drogheda is known for the Laurence Gate, an impressive medieval barbican, and the imposing fortress of the Millmount, with all …more

TY Info Night, Tonight!


What have these guys and girls been up to? Lots!  From their daily classroom-based projects through their Thursday trips around …more

Check Mates

Adam, Anthony, Guy, Ethan and OIsín with their trophies for Fourth Place in Leinster.

At some schools, the rugby guys are the BMOCs (Big Men on Campus) and they swagger around the place, throwing …more

Francophonic Fun!


We must admit that sometimes here at we enter the ‘post-truth’ media world, especially when we are fed only …more

They’re Baaaack!

tom 2

Preparations for the annual Past Pupils Dinner is quite similar to those made before the visit of a head of …more

Bronze Blade Buddies!

fencing michalel rockett

Under the watchful eye of Maître David Couper, our Senior School Fencing Captain Michael Li put Stephen Rockett through his fencing ‘paces’ …more

Ethos Affirmed!


With students and teachers from across the globe, it is very evident that have a diverse community at St. Conleth’s and we are …more

Cross Country Army!


Mr. Keenan does not do things by halves: when we say that sport at St. Conleth’s is all about participation, …more

Alumnae Illuminatae

Special guest Peter Gallagher and Diana Spencer in Birmingham at her Inaugural Lecture.

With the St. Conleth’s Past Pupil’s Dinner just around the corner (March 3rd: tickets), we thought this might be the appropriate time …more

On That Point!

Conor, Oisín and Simon are into the Leinster Schools Debating Senior Semifinals as Individuals.

We teachers at St. Conleth’s should get extra battle pay, but not quite for the same reason that they pay …more

Active Maths!

Our IMTA Sixth Year Maths Team: Sean, Oscar, Colin and Aonghus.

Maths whizzes from all over Leinster had to reorganise their usually hectic Friday night social schedules to attend the Irish Mathematics …more

DELF Days Are Here Again!

TYs sit the prestigious DELF oral and written French exam.

Is that a whiff of Chanel mixing with the scent of curry wafting from the cafeteria?  Did a well-dressed and stylishly-coiffed professeur …more

The Three Conlethians!

Three Conlethians earn Chorister Bronze medals!

You have heard of ‘The Three Tenors’ and  maybe even ‘The Three Priests’, Irish singers who have taken the vocal world …more

Fun with Science!

Having hands-on fun down at the Young Scientists!

Sixth Form may have done the hard work but all the Junior classes enjoyed their visits to the Young Scientists …more

Christmas Crooners


The Senior School Choir is at the heart of everything that we do musically  at St. Conleth’s- in fact, it …more

Carols agus Ceol!


Over the past few weeks our classroom lectures, discussions and slumbers have been pleasantly accompanied by the sweet notes wafting …more

Christmas Brain!


The kids know it… formally loquacious teachers who previously lectured continuously (if tangentially) for the full forty minutes of every …more



Mr. Keenan, a Manchester trip stalwart, was thrilled to be back on the proper (red) side of Manchester, even though the …more

Book Fair Fun!


We only stopped in at the Junior School Parent Association’s Book Fair for a few minutes but it was long …more

…and it’s Good!


Can you imagine the pressure on young Liam Reilly’s shoulders as he lined up his conversion attempt in the waning …more

Fencing, Here and There!

The Northern Ireland Junior Foil U-14 Finalists: two Conlethians!

The half-term closed with Maître David Couper, with the able assistance of Michael Li, our Senior School Fencing Captain, supervising …more

The Real Debate


Are you growing tired of listening to The Donald and Hillary fill the airwaves with grandly overheated but ultimately vacuous …more

Le retour des aventuriers!


This just in from Mr. J-Poz, notre meilleur (et seulement!) journaliste: Quel magnifique weekend! Sunday the 9th, 7:30am, and Clyde road …more

Nouvelles de Donegal!

Sammy wonders if there is an 'app' for this...

We have been warned by the Spanish Department to stop ‘winging it’ with Google Translate, so we will wait instead …more

I’m in the ESB…

Mr. Ahern and friends at the ESB website launch. (Picture Colm Malady / Fennells - Copyright© Fennell Photography 2016)

Ah, they are the words which generations of Irish mothers would have given their right arms to hear uttered by their …more

The Results Are In…

Daniel Gilligan and Philip O'Hanrahan, Dynamic Debating Duo... now doing Law & Political Science and History & Politics at Trinity.

Yes, the 2016 Leaving Certificate results have been in our office for a while, but unfortunately this reporter did not benefit …more

Just Talk It Over…


Sage advice on most occasions and here at St. Conleth’s we practise what we preach by getting in more preachers… well speakers, more …more

No Free Lunch?


Parents’ Lunches are starting tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th, with our first guests being Senior School First Year Parents.  Soon will …more



There is one period of instruction in the computer room for each form from our computers teacher Mr. Travers. The …more



All classes in the Junior School receive one period of music tuition per week: music theory, as well as instruction …more



For students who want to develop their skills further, there is after school Coding Classes run by the Academy of …more



A fun activity that provides children with the basics of food preparation as well as an introduction to hygiene and …more

India Calling…


…well, tweeting, that is!  India Expedition leaders Gav Maguire and Dolores Kelly are old hat at the ‘intrepid explorers’ thing …more

After-School Care

After-School Care

Since September 2012 St. Conleth’s has run its After School Programme in collaboration with One of a Kind. The After …more



30th May 2016 Dear Parents, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form will return to school on Monday 29th August …more



My name is Mark and I will be running the canteen this year. Our aim is to provide simple home …more

Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines

Why is it important? The school uniform identifies us as Conlethians, both to ourselves and to the surrounding community. The …more



Text Messaging Service The School use a text messaging service to alert parents of pupil absences and to send reminders …more



Welcome Boys to Fifth Year Letter 2016-2017 PDF Welcome Girls to Fifth Year Letter 2016-2017 PDF



First Year Multi-Sports Camp In August, St. Conleth’s College will be running a Multi-Sports Camp for incoming 1st year students in …more



Dear Parent, We look forward to welcoming your son/daughter into First Year in St Conleth’s College on Monday 29th August …more

And So It Begins…


Just as in the climactic scene of Macbeth (or Lear for this year’s LCers!), the elements have conspired to provide …more

One More Round…

Our Golfers

…of golf and other end-of-term Junior School News:  The annual Junior School Golf outing in Stepaside resulted in defending champion …more

Civil War!


Batman vs. Superman.  Captain America vs. Iron Man.  Hunter vs. Hunter.  Once again, the two Hunter brothers fought out the …more

Super Spellers!

Super Spellers: Gold...

As an English teacher of some 20 years we have seen a marked decline in some traditional academic skills, coinciding …more

The Writest Stuff!

Kevin D Kelleher Cup  Ruben Gracejpg

Among the many end-of-term events and activities, one of the most eagerly awaited is the announcement of the winner of …more



St. Conleth’s College Anti-Bullying policy Our Ethos and Vision Every student in St Conleth’s College is entitled to participate in …more

Mathlete, Squared

ricjhard maths.

Fifth Form Richard Sheahan kept the St. Conleth’s Maths flag flying, topping the national leaderboard for his age group for the second …more

Cars and Girls

JP McGilligan Award for Best TY Pupil- James McDonnell

Did we take the wrong turn somewhere in the late 60’s, when Brian Wilson retreated to his room and stopped singing …more

A Fond Farewell

Hannah Collins, School Captain in doing Business and Law at UCD.

Master of Ceremonies Mr. Carvill presided over a fitting finale to the Graduating Class of 2016’s   time at St. …more

Game of Thrones

Miki and Suyash, the 2016 St. Conleth's Chess Tournament Finalists.

During the glorious heyday of the late Republic and the early Empire, no event was more important to the lifeblood …more

Merci Beaucoup!

The boys get down to work on the Delf exam.

Recently Sixth Form joined our Transition Years in being the first students in Ireland to take on the challenging French written …more

Dirty, Dirty Leeds…


When Don Revie’s Leeds team was dominating the old English First Division, beaten opponents would sometimes moan about the tactics …more

Fencers Finishing Strongly!


The Moriarty-Smyth and Sherlock brothers have continued their lunges up the junior fencing rankings!  Once again both bands of  brothers performed extremely …more

Junior Soccer Stars!


Junior School had their annual internal soccer blitz in Herbert Park on Tuesday 10thMay.  Referee/organiser Mr Keenan and Alex O’Brien …more

Fun Getting Fit in France!


First and Second Years (and brave professeurs Carvill, Porzadny and deBhal) picked up a bit of vocabulaire and a lot of sore muscles on …more

Give Until It Hurts

Mr. Lonergan is allowed to make his peace before the onslaught begins...

Remember the young man who enthusiastically offered himself as a disciple to Jesus, but then opted for ‘Plan B’ when …more

Easy Riders

2016-04-07 11.51.36

Instructor Noel is delighted with the cycling skills of our 6th Formers at the CycleSafe class every Thursday. Spatial constraints in …more

Calling all Sailors!


The Senior School’s recent sailing success at the Leinster Championships was in part due to the participation of Trevor Bolger, …more

Serve’s Up!

tennis team

After the success of our chess players and sailors recently, it is the turn of our tennis players to take …more

The PPU Are Coming!


Actually, the bad, old days when the looming Annual Dinner of the Past Pupils Union was viewed by Mr. Kelleher and …more

In Dogs We Trust!


The Egyptians may have worshipped cats but too many of us subscribe to the Edith Wharton description of ‘snakes in …more

Children of Destiny!


The Defence Forces Flag team which consisted of Lt. Áine McDonagh and Corp. Dermot O’Leary visited the school this morning …more

Weekend Warriors II!


Choir, golf, rugby… what happened to watching Scooby Doo for four hours on a  Saturday morning?  Well, add fencing to …more

Junior School: 24/7!

Junior Weekend Warriors

Remember when your parents would scare you with tales of foreign school systems where the poor kids went to school …more

Worth Another Look!

One of the greatest tries in St. Conleth's Rugby history.

Last Friday’s match (link) was so monumental in terms of the history of the school and the sheer quality of the …more

The Write Stuff!

Tathagat wins the Grand Prize for his Handwriting (Mr. Kilcommons is decapitated)

Congratulations to Tathagat Kumar of our Second Form, who was presented with his certificate and prize for Overall Winner in the …more

Third Form Fun!

Walking Water experiment... Thumbs Up!

It is hard to keep up with our Junior School form classes, as they are all up to so much, …more

Art on the Double!

One of student Mati Remi's famous works

Ms. Halpin does double duty at St. Conleth’s, teaching Art to both the Junior and Senior Schools, and though it …more

Applied Sciences


Science at St. Conleth’s is not of the Professor Frink, hilariously impractical type: in our classrooms and laboratory we practise …more



Hi my name is Ailbhe Murphy. I am originally from Wexford but love living in Dublin and working at St. Conleth’s. I …more

Straight Outta Conleth’s!

Coach Eoin Noctor and the Basketball U16s

Yes, the swagger is back! Coaches Lonergan and Noctor are recalling days of yesteryear, when the Conleth’s basketball boys marched up-and-down …more

The New Bohemians!

Captain Hannah and her 'brothers': Josh and Noah

We are proud of our ‘artsy’ reputation at St. Conleth’s and on Tuesday night, the culture vultures had a double feast: …more

Swimming with Sharks!


Swimming has long been an enthusiastic tradition at St. Conleth’s and that is not just the occasional dip in the …more

Off to the Library!


Put away those phones, tablets, e-readers and various other screens!  We are off to a real library to smell, touch …more

Ladies Who Lunch

Ciara, Hannah and Becka at the Girls' Lunch

It is 2:00 on a Friday at St. Conleth’s.   Sean ‘Hercules’ Moiselle and Christian ‘Hermes’ Farrell are settling into …more

Francophonic Fun!


The Time: Wednesday 7th of October.  The Place: the Alliance Française.  The People:  Mary Rose, Francesca, Brendan and (finally, Daniel). …more

Junior Sailing Fun!


Thanks to David Bolger for this eye-witness report on the boys sailing in Royal St. George Yacht Club in Dun …more

Learn from the Maestros!

Darragh O'Neill with one of his star pupils

Individual lessons on the piano and the guitar are available to both Junior and Senior School students, immediately, from two …more