ePortal is now no longer in use. The new parent portal is called Schoolbase. Schoolbase can be accessed by going to  You will need a username (your email address that is on the school database) and a password (randomly generated by the Schoolbase system) that can be changed once you have logged in.  A document was emailed on the 29th November 2016 to all parents in the senior school with their usernames and passwords to access Schoolbase. If you have not received it, please check that it did not end up in the Spam / Junk mail folder. if not there we do not have a valid email address on the system for you.  Please send an email to requesting to be added the database and you will receive a reply within 48 hours confirming your username and password.

Schoolbase will allow parents and guardians once logged in to update their contact details like email address and phone number(s).

Schoolbase is being used for everything from attendance to reports. When the Christmas reports are ready an email and text will be sent to parents as a reminder.  Parents will then be able to view and print the report via Schoolbase.

Schoolbase is constantly updating and adding new features.  Sometimes this can cause issues and bugs in the system.  If there are any current issues, this page will be updated.


Current issues for Parent Logins:

Parents / Guardians are current unable to change their password on first login – however they can continue to login with the current password issued.   The fix is due in the next build and should be resolved very shortly. An email will be sent to all parents / guardians confirming the fix.