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Latina in Gramina!

‘filia, consuetis ut erat comitata puellis, errabat nudo per sua prata pede…‘  So begins one of the most famous sections of …more


Grand Designs

Somewhere back in the mists of time, not long after the Norman invasion itself, Mr. Peter Gallagher inaugurated a Castle-building …more

St. Conleth's College, Graduation Class of 2017, a bit more relaxed

A Lyrical Leaving for the Class of 2017

Master of Ceremonies Mr. Carvill presided over a fitting finale to the Graduating Class of 2017’s time at St. Conleth’s …more


TY Nuacht: Cáiliúil!

Mr. Ahern has made up for the disappointment amongst his many fans for not extending his scoring streak in the Staff/6th Year …more


Great Sports!

The exodus from one side of Dublin 4 to the other began at breaktime, and though we lost a few …more


Junior School Sportsday Shenanigans!

Mr. Keenan is at Irishtown Stadium so often these days, rumours are flying that he has a hand in coaching one …more

Action from the Annual St. Conleth's Chess Tournament: Antonia loses narrowly to James.

Straight Outta Conleth’s: Chess Playas With Attitude!

We are not sure with which gang Charlie and James are associated, but we are happy that they have a …more


Fencing for Free!

Whenever chess makes the headlines, the other great Conlethian tradition, fencing, is sure to follow!  Luke Sherlock, Sixth Form and …more


Conlethian Chessmen Making Moves for Ireland!

More great news on the chess front!  Both Junior and Senior School teams have been hitting the headlines with regularity …more


Goblet Retained: Staff Survive 6th Year Skullduggery!

Things did not look good for the Staff Team in the moments leading up to kick-off.  Yes, we had retained …more