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Some of our 1st year tennis players as they get ready for the start of the Leinster league

Tennis Teams Approaching the Net!

The rugby and basketball teams have thrilled us with their multiple finals and semi-finals, falling honorably at the last hurdles.  The …more

Dean and Simon win the Bouchier-Hayes Debate 2017

Good News: There is an Afterlife!

Well, those of us fully infused with the ethos of St. Conleth’s never had a doubt, but, still, it is …more


Sammy Sings us into Summer!

Do you remember ‘Right Said Fred’?  Musical tastes change with the times, and sometimes quite quickly, especially at St. Conleth’s, …more


Destination 2018: East Africa!

Mr. Gavin ‘Gav’ Maguire is at it again: he is deep into preparations with a group of select Conlethian students …more

3rd Year on their CSPE Action Project with Mr. Bolger

Mr. Bolger: The Beast of CSPE!

Some teachers dodge the ‘alphabety’ subjects like CSPE, SPHE, LCVP and even PE (on rainy days) like they are IEDs …more

Students get to guest conduct during the visit of the No. 1 Army Band!

Pass that Baton!

Conlethian kids are many things… intelligent, athletic, creative, devilishly handsome, knowledgeable about LOTR and Star Wars trivia… all the important …more

...and lands the lucre...

Classics Kids Rock the Rostrum!

And bag the booty! The classical Romans and Greeks possessed an honest materialism which was as refreshing as it was …more



Only in the Junior School Annual Internal Soccer League could you find a final pairing of Boca Juniors V Falkirk! …more


The Offensive Continues!

The Conleth’s fencing contingent has been in action again both domestically and abroad. Saturday 25th March saw James, Myles and …more

Emilio wins the St. Conleth's Spelling Bee and makes the 4th Round of the Eason's Dublin Final!

A Week in the Life…

… of St. Conleth’s.  The pupils and teachers of both the Junior and Senior Schools have us run ragged trying …more