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Seo Leat í: Seachtain na Gaeilge!

During Seachtain na Gaeilge even a school which lies at the top of Waterloo and Wellington Roads comes out ‘all Irish’! …more

Extra-Curricular Kudos!

We are very proud of what our students accomplish between the walls of 28 Clyde Road, as well as at …more

Darth Phelan the Wise!

Did you ever hear the story of Darth Phelan the Wise?  It’s not a story the Classics Quiz Team would tell …more

Their Next Holy Step!

There is ample evidence in these pages that we attend to the bodies and brains of our students,  but authorities no less …more


Yes, we dare compare the heroics of Lonergan, Trenier, Weatherley, Mansfield and Steyn with the triumphant return of Armstrong, Aldrin …more

Putting the ‘A’ into STEAM!

Yes, we are proud of the many STEM stars amidst the current student body and our past pupils (see news …more

All Aboard! Senior School Sailing Starting After Easter!

Head of Sport Gavin Maguire’s mighty realm extends over both land and sea: Dear Parents, For the last few years …more

Monday: Normal School Day

Because of the unexpected missed days due to the storm, the planned Junior Cycle Inservice for Senior School teachers has …more

Applied Maths Class Cancelled

Due to closing of the school, Saturday’s Applied Maths class has been cancelled.

LC Spanish Mock Orals Postponed

Due to closing of the school, LC Spanish Mock Orals are postponed until further notice.