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Big Bang Theorists!

Edgar Allen Poe opened his ‘Sonnet: To Science’ thus: Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art!  Who alterest all …more


Sisters in Arms!

  We already were very impressed with Ms. Speller and Ms. Leary’s hockey programme as the girls were turning out in numbers …more


The Joy of Poetry!

CityWest was the suitably grand setting for the ceremony at which Second Year Joymarita Rajinikanth received her first place prize in the …more


Junior School Goes Hi-Def!

Junior School Principal Tony Kilcommons had a dream, and despite the inevitable construction delays and the almost-as-inevitable Irish tendency to undercut …more


Renaissance Women!

We already had a bit of a reputation as a school for ‘culture vultures’: last week’s extracurriculars will only seal …more


Fencers on a Cross-Border Raid!

If the Conlethian contingent of fencers continue to bring home the booty as they have been doing, there will surely …more


An Early Christmas Present… Your Exam Schedule!

At St. Conleth’s College, we do not believe in ‘last minute shopping’ when it comes to providing our students with …more


Cool Cross Country Kids Cop A Bronze!

Like Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, Mr. Keenan has been leading a bus-full of Conlethian runners (and enthusiastic hangers-on) …more


Art Nouveau!

It has taken a little while to get the new Art Room settled down, but Ms. Halpin and her art …more

Our French debating Team!


We have been sitting on this report on the St. Conleth’s French Debating Team by Maria Azzia for weeks and …more