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Raise A Glass to the Explorers!

Dr. Livingstone is long gone, but there is now a kindler, gentler explorer trekking the wilds of Africa: our very own …more

Conlethian fencers again strike gold, silver and bronze!

CEO Ann Sheppard often talks about the storied history which fencing has at the school, and rightly she does, as …more


Duo Dynamique Deliver the DELF!

Are the duo dynamique of Porzadny and Crowley again jusqu’a quatre-vingt-dix?  (Are they ever not?) Are eyes of our TYS actually …more


Fifth Form Take the Lead!

St. Conleth’s prides itself on its ‘coziness’ but, to be honest, sometimes things were a bit too cozy at 28 Clyde Road …more

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Mock (ersatz) Exams Schedule: Riddikulus!

imitation, artificial, man-made, manufactured, simulated, synthetic, ersatz, plastic, so-called, fake, false, faux, reproduction, replica, facsimile, dummy, model, toy, make-believe, sham, …more

U16s bow out honourably in All-Ireland B Cup Semi-Finals.

Glorious Season Comes to Honourable Close

Coaches Sean Ingle and Peter Gahan have led their U16 Boys basketball Team on a rollercoaster ride this season, but …more


New Year’s Resolution: Supervised Study!

We all tend to the aspirational rather than the practical when it comes to New Year’s resolutions but here is …more


Crimbo Crooners!

Music is at the heart of everything that we do at St. Conleth’s- in fact, it is at the heart of …more


Prep School Stays ‘Old Skool’ for Christmas!

Around the globe, time-honoured Christmas traditions are being replaced with bland, inoffensive, meaningless but marketable gimmicks which ring rather hollow …more


B-Ball Boyz Do The Double!

We were all thrilled with the  SCT’s historical run to glory a couple of years ago, and the girls are quickly …more